Do You Want To Fight In MMA?

Team Dauntless Amateur & Professional MMA Fight Team

Team Dauntless Amateur & Professional MMA Fight Team


Do You Want To Win?

It might sound like a silly question but you do not get things just because you want them!! If that was true I would have hair. No you have to do what is right in order to win.

Mental Toughness and Physical Conditioing are important, they get you IN the MMA cage and they can make you LAST in the MMA cage, but they alone DO NOT MAKE YOU WIN IN THE MMA CAGE!!

What makes you WIN the MMA cage is SKILL LEVEL and proper instinctive Skill Level only comes from TIME spent with a proper teacher on consistent reps done the right way UNTIL there is an instinctive change in the fighter.

That is what Dauntless Chief Instructor Allen J. Sachetti does, it is ALL HE DOES. Allen Sachetti takes the raw material of Sincere Desire and forges into Refined, Instinctive MMA SKILL LEVEL.

If you are teachable and willing to devote your consistent time to train at Dauntless with Mr. Sachetti then click the button below and submit. You wil be contacted shortly.


I Want To Fight In MMA




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