Amateur & Professional MMA Training For Stand Up, Clinchwork & Ground,

Our MMA Curriculum Is Taken From Boxing, Muay Thai, Dumpag, Wrestling & BJJ

Josh Sachetti wins in MMA at XCC 27 on 02/24/17

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Dauntless Gym begins and ends with Drive, Dedication and Determination. Offering you a “World Class Skill Level” in Footwork, Base, Striking, Grappling & Ground Fighting abilities refined from multiple combat sport disciplines. This material linked into a unique and amazingly effective MMA Curriculum that gives Dauntless fighters a significant advantage.

One such advantage at Dauntless is the use of “Filipino Dumpag” in our MMA Curriclum.
This uniquely effective art literally “Destroys the Striker with Amazing Counter Offense”, “Rules In The Clinch With Different Energies & Alternatives” and “Shuts Down The Shoot” from even the best, most seasoned Wrestlers.

Dauntless also provides a unique “MMA Specific Conditioning Regiment” that enhances our MMA Fighters ability to perform at a much higher level in every area of MMA competition. You will be instinctively executing the “Right Techniques” for Stand Up, The Clinch and The Ground with a far greater Endurance, Speed And Strength.

See An MMA Lesson From Dauntless Chief Instructor Allen J. Sachetti



See Some Past Dauntless MMA Fights


Here Mr. Sachetti’s son Josh Sachetti makes his debut into the MMA World by winning by submission at only 1:15 in the first round. Josh dominated with his striking, clinchwork and ground. This was at the XCC in Philadelphia PA in February 2016.


Here Dauntless MMA fighter Dustin Alexander fights for his 3rd time as a Blue Belt against a BJJ Purple Belt and Thai Boxing Instructor from the MMA School Ground Control. It was an all out war and was a great fight from both men. Dustin wins in the end, but it took doing the right thing against every attack. This 3rd round fight is a very good example of Mr. Allen J. Sachetti’s MMA Teaching showing great striking, an amazing shoot counter and flowing ground domination.


In 2010 one of Mr. Sachetti’s fighters Bob Ruby (Blue Trunks) fought in MMA for his first time at Dauntless MMA in Smyrna, Delaware against a fighter from Delaware Combat Sports. Notice how his Bob’s hands are up for most of the fight in a good guard, his movement, his shoot counters and excellent striking. All of this is part of Allen Sachetti’s MMA Course known as “MMA Total Strike” for which classes are now being held in Newark Delaware.


Here Mr. Sachetti’s fighter Dustin Alexander wins his 2nd fight with a very skillful set up from Stand Up to Taking the Back to Submission. This fight was in Virginia where True MMA is allowed with full sanction rules. That means they fight just like the UFC with Elbows, Knees. Ground & Pound and most Submissions. Sensei Allen J. Sachetti now teaches BJJ in Newark Delaware.


Back in 2009 this MMA fight was held at Dauntless MMA in Smyrna Delaware with Full Sanction MMA rules before the current Delaware legislation. Mr. Sacehtti’s fighter Chris is in the Grey Shorts, it was fight his first MMA fight against a 6-0 fighter from Ohio. These were the last MMA fights in Delaware before new legislation changed the rules.


Here is another fight between Dauntless MMA Fighter Ed Krosel and another Delaware Combat Sports fighter. The Dauntless MMA Fighter (Ed) of Mr. Sachetti’s had trained with him for only 8 months and this was his first MMA fight. He did very well, good stand up, takedowns, excellent ground control and he finished with Great Muay Thai Knees to the body to get a TKO at the end. Rare to see a fight won with Knees to the body but he did.


Yet another Dauntless MMA Fighter (Jeremy Preston) beats another Delaware Combat Sports Figther. Jeremy had trained with Mr. Sachetti here for only 4 months at the time and was a White Belt in BJJ. I was told he was fighting a Black Belt from Delaware Combat Sports but it took him only 2 rounds to finish this fighter by following the game plan of BJJ Sensei Allen J. Sachetti to win with a very good Guilotine. Sensei Sachetti now ofers BJJ classes in Newark Delaware.


Here a more experienced fighter of Mr. Sachetti’s Jeremy Clyburn fought after 2 years of training and it was a good thing. He fought a tough big competitor who snapped on him a very tight guillotine, but Jeremy executed a text book Guilotine Escape that he actually worked on with Mr. Sachetti only one week before this fight. Once he escaped Jeremey completed an excellent finish using Dumpag Elbows. The Horizontal Dumpag Elbows are perhaps the most powerful Elbows ever thrown. You can learn Dumpag from Tuhon Allen J. Sachetti now in Newark Delaware.


This was the first fight for another fighter of Mr. Sachetti’s back in 2010. Here for the first time we see the Dumpag Neck Manipulation used against a good wrestler pressing his opponent against the cage. The Dumpag Neck Manipulation completely turned around his opponent to give him the back for a win by Lion Choke. Allen J. Sachetti is one of the only Dumpaguerros in the US and he teaches both classes and seminars for Dumpag now in Newark Delaware.


This was the 2nd fight for Mr. Sachetti’s MMA Fighter Ed Krosel. A great 3 round fight with Mr. Sachetti’s fighter dominating in Stand Up, Clinch Work and Ground. This fight was in Harrington, Delaware. Ed won by unanimous decision and was able to dominate each round with some really superior Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu that was taught to him by Sensei Allen Sachetti at Dauntless BJJ in Delaware.


Here another Dauntless MMA Fighter Andrew Riley (with the Marine Tatoo) fighters takes his second MMA fight after only 8 monhts of training with Mr. Sachetti. He fights a Primal MMA Fighter from Delaware. This fight was held at Dauntless MMA in Smyrna Delaware in 2010. The win was quick and demonstrated some excellent BJJ.


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